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[Product News] Safety shoes & Canvas shoes
In order to make our work no longer monotonous, we combine work shoes with canvas shoes, while retaining the fashion sense, we integrate the elements of canvas shoes together
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[Product News] Pokémon & Huanqiu
As the most valuable IP that has been popular all over the world for more than 20 years.Since the birth of Pokémon it integrates the emotional core of company, growth and communication.Senior players may have collected around many Pokémon goods.This time, shoes and Pokémon lovely image collided with
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[Product News] Psychic princess & Huanqiu
In order to present the new and open concept of ZHEJIANG HUANQIU SHOES CO., LTD., global shoe industry cooperates with the famous IP Tongling princess in mainland China to launch a popular style among young people.
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[Product News] Godzilla & Huanqiu, unstoppable
The rapid development of human civilization has led to more and more pressure in work and life, which makes people break away from nature for a long time.Nowadays, more and more people are aware of this problem, so they begin to find a harmonious model of living with nature. The theme of "harmonious
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It was founded in 1988 and committed to the shoes culture, footwear technology, R&D in vulcanized shoes crafts for over 20 years.
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